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  • The main cause of tonsillitis is a bacterial infection in your throat.
  • This infection may be caused by a weakened immune system, or smoking or other pollutant.
  • Doctors normally prescribe antibiotics for a tonsillitis, which invariably weakens your immune system, which means your tonsillitis will probably come back.
  • Unlike antibiotics, Tonsillitis Doctor™ kills the bacteria in your throat without damaging your immune system.
  • Tonsillitis Doctor comes as a kit containing – Three 10ml bottles and is Hand Prepared, Plant Extracts which are proven to work!
  • Exactly how long the bottles last will depend on the frequency of use and If your condition is moderate to severe.
  • Tonsillitis Doctor is proven to work and will get rid of your Tonsillitis, QUICKLY, EASILY and NATURALLY

Tonsillitis Doctor™ is to be used by adults. It can be used by children, but only under close supervision. For additional information click here.